We are excited to introduce our new multigenerational summer Program


July 15-July 17 2014

Cycles of Women

Over thirty-five years ago, Yogi Bhajan conceived the first women’s camp to be a place for women to learn about their power, their grace and their divinity.  Since then, the camps have convened annually in Espanola, New Mexico, spread internationally with women’s camp hosted all over the world. 


  Cycles  of  Women  is  a  Kundalini  Yoga  Camp  for  girls  and  women  based  on  the  teachings  of  Yogi  Bhajan.    This  event  will  combine  our  previous  workshops,  "Girls  Yoga  Camp",    "Being  Pretty",    and  "Renew  to  be  You"  into  a  3  day  yoga  camp.